Paul Noja, besides a number of positions in educational and research institutions related with science and technology, is Chairman of the International Institute for Technology Transfer (IITT), a non-profit foundation that transfers military and aerospace research to civilian applications, particularly in the fields of education, medicine, and citizen assistance.

On a personal level, he has dedicated his efforts to the application of advanced technologies to improving the effectiveness of military personnel performance. The systems designed by his team of researchers are applied to most military centers in Italy and twenty countries around the world. He holds several patents, including a telematics and virtual reality application for battlefield, telemedicine, police forces, and civil protection.

Since 1986, he has been the national representative of the Italian Ministry of Defense in NATO Defense Research Group's Panel 8 on Human and Biomedical Sciences (now Human Factors and Medicine Panel) where for nine years he has been the Coordinator of Personnel and Training area activities.

He has coordinated the G-8 Project on a Worldwide Emergency Telemedicine Network, based on a mix of medical care with state of the art of IT&T (Information Technology & Telecommunications) since 1995. In 1997 he supported the Italian Police Forces with the telematics modernization program that again applies the most advanced IT&T for policemen interactive operations and citizen assistance including medical emergencies. In 1998, Dr. Noja designed an advanced computer based system for the selection of Judges and Notary Publics for the Italian Ministry of Justice. This state of the art system selects over 30,000 people every year. He continues to be responsible for this system. In addition, he participated in the work of ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning), an activity created with an initiative of the President of United States and backed by the U.S. Congress, aimed at supplying information where and when needed through very advanced data bases and delivery systems.

After September 11, Dr. Noja was given the position of chairman of ST-001, a Specialists Team of the NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO) dealing with a systems approach to apply the most advanced technologies and researches to countering terrorism. After the meeting in Rome with President Bush and President Putin where Russia joined the NATO Council, he started official NATO relations with Russia on counter terrorism.

Dr. Noja is a Professor of advanced technologies and human factors, encompassing transfer of knowledge, multimedia applications, operations and simulation networks, and virtual environments. He has participated in, and chaired, conferences in several countries. His publications on personnel training and integrated logistic support has cleared the path for a better interface between man and machines.

He has a good political and human knowledge of several countries in South America, Africa, and Middle East where he has participated in various activities for the Italian Government over the last 30 years. While he is politically independent, he maintains good relations with high-level Italian government personnel, and serves as a science and technology advisor to some current policy makers. One of his ongoing efforts is helping with the revision of the Italian policy and law on Intelligence as it affects the application of an advanced technology systems oriented approach.


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