CDR Alfred Elkins, USN (Ret.) is a senior analyst with the Joint Warfare Analysis Center in Dahlgren Va, where he identifies, harvests, synthesizes and generates future initiatives – concepts, technology, processes and organizational structures – for the center. He finished his 28-year Navy surface warfare career as a systems analyst at the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group. His work now focuses on how national power can be employed today, analogous to a series of investments, for as-yet unimagined future scenarios. He has developed a series of inventive concepts that would be of particular interest for operators and practitioners at the operational level of engagement.

While he was on active duty, he served on seven ships that participated in Cold War and Persian Gulf operations, wrote the concept of operations for the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship, had a day named in his honor by the mayor of San Francisco for his efforts as the City’s base transition coordinator and conducted the initial photographic intelligence analysis of the maiden voyage of the Soviet TYPHOON SSBN.

Before he joined the Navy, he was a journalist, working on daily newspapers and freelancing. He holds a Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College. He has studied graduate coursework at UC Berkeley and spent a summer studying complex systems at the Santa Fe Institute.

He is married to Carol, an award-winning landscape architect and designer.


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