Potomac Institute Announces Launch of the?

Center for Enterprise, Exploration, and Defense in Space (CEEDS)

Developing Policy for Enterprise, Exploration, and Defense in Space

The Potomac Institute is pleased to announce the formation of the Center for Enterprise, Exploration, and Defense in Space (CEEDS). CEEDS will identify, assess, and make recommendations on policy issues to shape the future of enterprise, exploration and security in space.

Space is Critical to Future US Economy and Security

Today we are at a turning point in the future of space activities. Commercial companies and a growing list of spacefaring nations are increasing their presence in orbit and are targeting exploration of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. US national defense and intelligence systems are increasingly reliant on space-based capabilities.

The importance of space will continue to grow, for US strategic national interests, US global leadership, and US economic growth. The future of warfighting will depend on US dominance in space, and protection of our key assets. CEEDS seeks to develop strategy and policy to position the US as a global leader in space.


CEEDS generates policy recommendations from dialogue with experts in the commercial, scientific, civil, and national security fields to identify options for the most critical policy issues facing our future activities in space. CEEDS will bring the Institute’s well-known technical rigor, policy expertise, and non-partisan objectivity to bear on the space domain, to provide senior decision makers a better understanding of the complex policy options in this increasingly important sector.

About the Potomac Institute

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is an independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit public policy research institute. The Institute identifies and aggressively shepherds discussion on key science, technology, and national security issues facing our society, providing in particular, an academic forum for the study of related policy issues. From these discussions and forums, we develop meaningful policy options and ensure their implementation at the intersection of business and government. For further information see www.potomacinstitute.org or contact Director of Communications Dr. Kathy Goodson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.