Paul Gido is currently the Senior Consultant for R. Phillips Enterprises Incorporated, a veteran owed small business. Mr. Gido’s areas of expertise include Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Operations, C4I, Digital Interoperability, and Science and Technology. He directly supports Headquarters Marine Corps, Aviation Department’s digital interoperability efforts working closely with the Naval Research Laboratory on the Software Reconfigurable Payload (SRP), a critical component of the MAGTF Agile Network Gateway Link (MANGL) program.

Upon his retirement from the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Gido joined the Potomac Institute in June 2002. He was sub sequentially detailed from the Institute to the Office of Naval Research. Mr. Gido served as the Assistant Vice Chief of Naval Research, under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) mobility assignment from October 2002 to October 2014. He provided full time support to the Vice Chief of Naval Research in exercising his duties and responsibilities. He assisted the Vice Chief in supporting the Chief of Naval Research’s execution of the Naval Science and Technology program, and conducted technical and programmatic reviews of Marine Corps Science and Technology programs under the Office of Naval Research cognizance. He was the driving force in developing the initial version of the Naval S&T Strategy and 3 subsequent editions. Mr. Gido represented the Vice Chief in numerous internal and external forums and ensured the flow of critical information between the Office of Naval Research and the senior leadership of the Marine Corps.

While on active duty Mr. Gido served his last four years as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commandant for Programs and Resources, Headquarters Marine Corps and has a total of nine years work experience in the Planning Programming Budgeting Execution. He was assigned to the professional staff of the congressionally chartered Commission on the Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces. He commanded a direct support artillery battalion in combat and subsequently commanded the Marine Corps’ largest artillery regiment. Mr. Gido has considerable high-level staff experience and has worked critical and sensitive actions with the OSD Staff, Joint Staff, DoN Secretariat, OPNAV and Marine Corps staffs. He served as the Military Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy.

Mr. Gido earned a BS in Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude) from Villanova University and an MS in Management (With Distinction) from the Naval Postgraduate School. He was a National Security Program Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Mr. Gido areas of expertise include: Science and Technology Policy, Strategic Planning, Force Structure Analysis, Planning Programming and Budgeting Execution (PPBE) system, MAGTF Operations, Humanitarian Operations, Fire Support, and Leadership.