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The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies hosts a monthly lecture series on hardware-based Trust and cybersecurity.  This is part of our effort supporting the DoD in their future strategy for assured access to state-of-the-art trusted microelectronics.   This is a critical need for the DoD in this age of complex global supply chains.

Mike Strizich from MicroNet Solutions gave an excellent talk on the state of the art of IC reverse engineering.   This is a rapidly progressing field making heavy use of sophisticated automation and pattern recognition software.   The main commercial applications are in the area of Patent and IP protection but the USG has interest in this technology for trust assurance purposes.    The lecture was very well attended both physically at the Potomac Institute and virtually online. Stay tuned for a list of upcoming lectures in this series.

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featuring Michael Strizich:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 

Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm 

Location: Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

  901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 1200 

Arlington, VA 22203


Microelectronics are key components in our defense systems, and assuring that they are both Trusted and secure is critical for US national security. Hardware-based exploits can have serious impacts on military or critical infrastructure, and hardware vulnerabilities include malicious insertions, Trojan horses, counterfeit parts, and rapid obsolescence. While the USG has made large investments in software-focused cybersecurity, hardware-based approaches have not received as much attention. The Hardware Security Symposium Speaker Series brings together leading experts in Trusted microelectronics from academia, government, and Industry, to discuss hardware security threats, and ways to mitigate them.

Speaker: Michael Strizich, MicroNet Solutions, Inc.

Michael Strizich is the President and CEO of MicroNet Solutions, Inc. Formed in 2013, MicroNet Solutions Inc (MSI) was the R&D Division of its legacy company, Analytical Solutions Inc (ASI). MSI focuses on security analysis, Pix2Net Circuit Extraction Software, reverse engineering of complex integrated circuits, and anti tamper and design analysis. 

The topic of the discussion was reverse engineering. Reverse engineering tools and software are becoming more sophisticated and advanced with time. Examples of future of state-of-the-art extraction tools used to either verify existing designs, or model unknown designs, were presented. Also included were examples of microcode extraction.