Economic Statecraft Summit

07.25.2024 - 07.26.2024


Geopolitical rivals have weaponized economics to gain strategic competitive advantages against the U.S. in recent years. Specifically, China and Russia have increased asymmetric activi- ties focused on destabilizing and diminishing the vitality of the US economy. Much of this activity takes place below the threshold of war, yet still vitally threatens national security and prosperity, manifesting as disinformation, deliberate supply chain disruption, and economic manipulation and coercion. Left unchecked, these activities lead to vulnerabilities in key U.S. industries and markets, reduced trust in institutions, and threaten the very threads of our society.

As a national security imperative, economic statecraft requires the government to collaborate with businesses and policymakers to devise and incentivize mutually beneficial public-private part- nerships with sound public policy that ultimately lends to an advantageous competitive posture for the U.S. and its Allies and partners.

While there are ongoing efforts across the U.S. government, the policy community, and private sector to address asymmetric economic activities, they are somewhat disparate and disconnected from a broader strategy for economic statecraft.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a better understanding for current economic statecraft activities across the public and private sectors while providing an opportunity for dia- logue and collaboration among invested parties.

Government and industry panelists will share how they see the problem, what they are doing about it, and what they need to succeed in the future, providing a foundation for partnership to deliberately counter asymmetric economic threats, together—a more cohesive societal approach to economic statecraft for future security and prosperity.

Who: Public and private entities invested in economic statecraft What: Learn, share, interact, and partner on economic statecraft initiatives Why: To ensure a secure and prosperous future
When: 25-26 July 2024
Where: TAMU Bush School, Washington, DC