Senior Fellow Melissa Hathaway was quoted in an article from SC Magazine UK entitled “France unveils cyber command in response to 'new era in warfare' .” Ms. Hathaway commented on the importance of France’s creation of Cybercom for cyber preparedness:

“In 2011, France declared that it would become a world cyber power and has been making investments to achieve that goal ever since,” she said. “This includes strengthening the authorities of ANSSI and establishing a Cyber Defence General Officer with associated operational units (the beginning of Cyber Command).”

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France Cyber Readiness at a Glance,” is the third of a series of country reports assessing national-level preparedness for cyber risks based on the Cyber Readiness Index (CRI) 2.0  methodology. This report provides an extensive analysis of France's cyber security-related efforts and capabilities, and follows similar reports of other G7 countries evaluating their commitment and maturity to closing the gap between their current cyber security posture and the national cyber capabilities needed to support their digital future.

Ms. Hathaway is a PIPS Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Regents. She led cybersecurity initiatives for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama until August 2009, when she left to establish Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC. The CRI team additionally includes Chris Demchak, Jason Kerben, Jennifer McArdle, and Francesca Spidalieri.