Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Senior Fellow and Cyber Readiness Index (CRI) principal investigator Melissa Hathaway spoke at the United Nations University (UNU) Headquarters in Tokyo as a part of their Conversation Series. The UNU Conversation Series gives experts, scholars, and world leaders a platform to share their personal insights into key issues in their fields. Melissa Hathaway’s conversation, “The Future of Cybersecurity,” with Sebastian von Einsiedel, Director of the UNU Center for Policy Research, explores how a framework for universal cybersecurity norms could be achieved.

Leading cybersecurity expert Melissa Hathaway spoke about the immediate and future threats to country critical services and infrastructures and the Internet economy.  She knows the challenges and requirements to become Cyber Ready at the national level.  She is the developer of a unique methodology for evaluating and measuring the level of preparedness for certain cybersecurity risks, known as the Cyber Readiness Index. The Cyber Readiness Index 2.0 (CRI 2.0) shows that few countries have aligned their digital agenda with their cybersecurity agenda, and seeks to incentivize this alignment by bringing attention to each country’s Internet-infrastructure dependencies and vulnerabilities, and the national economic erosion caused by cyber insecurity.  The CRI 2.0 is the only methodology publicly available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish, and is viewed by countries, international institutions, think tanks, researchers, and corporations as a balanced resource that could be utilized to evaluate and measure cyber preparedness at national, regional, and local levels.

The CRI 2.0 methodology continues to gain global recognition with the publication of each detailed country profile.  Since the publication of the methodology in 2015, nine country profiles have been published for France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These profiles draw attention to each country’s level of cyber preparedness and highlight unique approaches toward becoming Cyber Ready.

Melissa Hathaway serves as a Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Regents. She led cybersecurity initiatives for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and is President of Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC.

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