On Thursday, December 12, 2019, Nikhil Shenoy from Colvin Run Networks presented his talk “Application of Blockchains to DoD Microelectronics Supply Chain.” Nikhil reviewed some of Colvin Run’s microelectronics blockchain work, including the COPIA Project for DMEA, and talked about the application of blockchain to the DoD microelectronic supply chain to address some of the current security challenges. Nikhil’s talk focused on the importance of the U.S. semiconductor industry and included key points on private vs. public blockchain use cases and creating a “risk profile” record for microelectronic part. He advocated using a “fit for purpose” approach for implementing secure ledger enabling tools. He also made the important point that Blockchain is simply a secure ledger technology; appropriate Policy must also be made for how to implement such a solution. Audience questions included identifying potential security problems, the looming policy decisions, incentives and tradeoffs of blockchain use, and approaches to blockchain use in software.


Click here to view a transcript of the event, or view the video below.