US National Security in a New Era of Intense Global Competition

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The Honorable Zachary J. Lemnios, Member Board of Regents, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

A New Era

NSLThe United States and China are in a great power competition that will have profound impact on the national security and economic security of both countries for decades. This competition aligns across interdependent economic, military, and political vectors. At the core, this is a competition of ideals and governance. But unlike the twentieth century Cold War competition with the Soviet Union, the competition with China involves new challenges. The resulting tension between the US and China has opened a new era requiring a new national security framework.

In the past, the United States has confronted the need for a complete transformation in the national security environment. For example, after World War II and the proliferation of nuclear weapons capabilities, the Nation undertook Project Solarium and the Project Charles Air Defense Study to define a new national security operating model to contain the Soviet Union.5 The competition with China poses an equally significant challenge now.


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