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Modernization of the U.S. Shipbuilding Industry

The MARITECH Program began with the National Defense Authorization Act for FY1993, Public Law 102-484, which required the President to present a plan to Congress for the revitalization of U.S. shipyards. This program was designed to support endeavors that would help modernize the U.S. shipbuilding industry, and enhance U.S. shipbuilding from the production of sophisticated warships, to a competitive edge on the international commercial market. The U.S. shipbuilding industry was faced with the challenge of achieving success on the global market, which at the time featured skilled competitors. In addition, it had to be able to deliver affordable and effective Navy vessels, and ensure its share of domestic ship orders.

Though the five-year program did not create a globally competitive shipbuilding industry, MARITECH’s contributions to U.S. operations were pervasive. The Potomac Institute performed direct observation and review of 14 shipyards throughout the U.S, and MARITECH contributed to improvements in business and construction processes that increased productivity. Additionally, MARITECH presented the shipbuilding industry with ideas to enter a broad front of process improvements, new technologies, facilities modernization, and new markets. The Program helped the U.S. shipbuilding industry make a comeback, and ensured that the Navy would be provided with affordable and effective ships.

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