Mr. Dailey is a Research Fellow in the Concepts and Analyses Division.  He served in the Marine Corps as a Naval Flight Officer, performing in command and staff assignments both in Fleet units as well as in the supporting establishment over a 22 year career.

Upon military retirement, Mr. Dailey entered industry supporting several U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine Corps programs.  As a system engineer, he supported the Navy’s AEGIS/Theater Air and Missile Defense program, and supported the U. S. Marine Corps’ air command and control directorate at Marine Corps Systems Command.  Before joining the Potomac Institute, Mr. Dailey supported the Marine Corps’ Warfighting Laboratory Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Division as a subject matter expert in urban operations and irregular warfare.  He now supports U. S. Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command.

Mr. Dailey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Communication from Syracuse University, a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University, and is a graduate of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, as well as the Armed Forces Staff College.  He is an Enterprise Architect as certified by California State University-East Bay and the FEAC Institute.