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Robert Hummel PhD

Robert Hummel, PhD

This issue of STEPS largely draws from the Potomac Institute’s “Global Competition Project,” which views the world not only in terms of a competition for military might, but also as a struggle to wield economic and political influence. In the same way that science and technology drive developments in military affairs, much of the activity in economic and political spheres is influenced by science and technology. In turn, actions in the political and economic realms can drive or inhibit the development of new technologies. In this issue, we highlight strategic communications, education, semiconductor memory chips, batteries, and critical minerals. These issues can profoundly impact the nation’s economic prosperity and represent areas where competitive pressures can affect national security and seed societal discord.

With contributions by staff of the Potomac Institute and members of the Institute’s Board of Regents and Fellows, STEPS has become a venue for amplifying the discussions that surround the Institute’s activities. It has also become a resource for Institute affiliates to document bold ideas and promulgate potential solutions. In some cases, the intention is that the articles help steer policy decisions related to US national interests. In other cases, the articles are intended to inform further debate. We welcome additional contributions and participation in the discussion by those outside of the Institute’s affiliates, as those contributions can lead to new activities and discussions relevant to the mission of the Institute. We find that those contributions often lead to new affiliates that continue in their participation in the life of the Potomac Institute.

The editors hope you enjoy the articles in this issue, and that you agree that STEPS helps fulfill a need in public dialog by combining a rigorous understand of science and technology with the many and varied US national policies revolving around ever-changing technologies.


We welcome articles, short articles, and other contributions for future editions. Instructions can be found at:


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