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Jennifer Buss, PhD

JennBussIn recent months, the Potomac Institute focused on facilitating discussions to raise awareness on the importance of economics and industrial input (both products and ideas) in US national security. Industries in the US have a vital role to play in defining national security capabilities and the government should expand avenues for outside voices to enter the conversation.

In order to foster such interdisciplinary conversations, the Institute’s Global Competition Project (GCP) seminar series explores all facets of what it means for the US to again face nation-state competition, combining insights from experts in diverse fields associated with societal level competitions. This issue’s authors confront the many challenges brought on by the convergence of military, economic, and political transnational competition in today’s interconnected and interdependent world, with several of the articles drawing directly on discussions at GCP events for context and ideas.

Today’s world is one of possibilities and perils, with advancements coming in nearly every aspect of science and technology every day. The US must find ways to harness these advancements for the benefit of society to remain competitive. The challenges of today are not easy, but the US does have the ingenuity to tackle them—provided all aspects of society are able to contribute to our national endeavor. Societal competition requires a national strategy facilitating the flow of ideas and capabilities between the public and private sectors to extract “goodness” no matter the source.

At the Potomac Institute, we pride ourselves on innovative thinking—pushing ourselves and others to see all that is possible. Through STEPS, we call on bold, innovative thinkers to author articles that help us, and our readers, think in this way. Pushing the boundaries of the possible and challenging us all to go forth and implement change. We trust that readers of STEPS will continue to appreciate both the cogent analysis and intellectual rigor put forth by the authors. We hope that, after much reading and some discussing, they will also join us in taking inspiration from the challenges laid out by the authors and drive forward to innovate and create the change needed to address our national needs.

Dr. Jennifer Buss

Chief Executive Officer, Potomac Institute

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