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Values, Strategy, and America’s Competitive Posture Written by The Honorable Alan R. Shaffer; Moriah Locklear, PhD; and Tim Welter, PhD Hits: 664
Want US Semiconductor Leadership? Fix the Tax Code Written by Brian Shirley Hits: 623
Reinvigorating Innovation for National Security Written by Robert Hummel, PhD Hits: 584
The Concept of an Economic Warfare Operations Capability (EWOC) Written by Tim Welter, PhD Hits: 668
Prospects for US Sources of Energy Written by Robert Hummel, PhD & Moriah Locklear, PhD Hits: 554
Reclaiming the Narrative: The US and International Communications Written by Curtis Pearson, Jody Moxham, Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter Hits: 2403
Education of Americans Across Various Generations as a Preparation for Global Competitions Written by The Honorable Alan R. Shaffer, Trevor Huffard Hits: 2684
Don’t Forget About Memory Written by Brian Shirley Hits: 4031
Batteries Not Included: The Need for Rechargeable Battery Technologies Written by Moriah Locklear, PhD, Claire Costenoble-Caherty, PhD, Sharon Layani Hits: 2439
Accessing Critical Minerals: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Written by Sharon Layani, Alyssa Adcock, PhD Hits: 2655

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