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Jody Moxham

Senior Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

moxhamJody Moxham is a strategic communication expert with a career focused on helping multinational corporations and government organizations measurably strengthen the persuasiveness of their global marketing strategies and communications. PhaseOne communications was founded to market a unique methodology, serving many corporate clients. After 9/11, PhaseOne dedicated a select team of analysts to work on national security projects. PhaseOne contracts spread across the IC and the DOD, for understanding target audiences, strategies for easing tensions, and understanding motivations of adversaries. In 2012 PhaseOne sold the company and Jody left in 2015. Jody was also instrumental in founding the US Marketing Communications College to help train US government personnel in private sector communication basics. She is currently a contributing faculty member for the Senior Joint Information Operations Applications Course (SJIOAC), a Senior Fellow at Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a Senior Advisor to Parenthetic, a strategic communications company, and continues to advise and teach within the US government community.

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