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The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce the 2nd Issue of STEPS: Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Studies. STEPS is the technical publication of the Potomac Institute that presents articles that introduce bold and innovative thoughts in technology development, and discusses policy implications in response to technology developments.

The October Issue of STEPS addresses a number of diverse policy issues. Alden Munson, the former acquisition chief of the intelligence community, asks the timely question “Why Can’t We Get Acquisitions Right?” as the government readdresses acquisition reform. Articles also discuss the stresses on S&T research caused by budget cuts, the futility of ITAR, and the value of our personal data being divulged online. Viewpoint articles discuss the need to improve international space treaties to the seemingly outlandish suggestion to build coastal cities on floating pontoons. This issue, and future issues of STEPS include, but are not limited to: discussions of policies that either promote or impede S&T research; articles that address implications and/or consequences of S&T advances on national or international policies and governance; articles that introduce or review a topics in science, technology, or engineering, including considerations of potential societal impacts and influences; and non-partisan opinion pieces concerning policies relevant to S&T, to include S&T research trends; S&T policy event highlights; editorials; book reviews; and similar contributions.

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In This Issue

The Navigator Awards, by Richard Pera


Why Can't We Get Acquisitions Right? How the Conspiracy of Hope Undermines Acquisition Performance, by Alden Munson 
Stress Fractures, by Ken Hamilton 
The Decline and Fall of the ITAR Empire, by Robert Hummel, PhD, Richard Pera, and Charles Mueller, PhD 
The Cost of Access, by Jennifer McArdle, Brian Barnett, and Kathy Goodson, PhD

Views in Brief

Space to Breathe: The Argument for a New Outer Space Treaty, by Joshua Hampson
Water on the Rise: Policies for Coastal Plains, by Christopher A. Wilson

STEPS is the technical publication of the Potomac Institute, where scholarly articles of broad interest are published for the policy studies communities. If you are interested in publishing in STEPS or if you wish to discuss a topic before completing an article please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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