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Click to Download PDFAnnouncing the Release of the February 2016 Issue 3 of STEPS

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce publication of the February 2016, STEPS Issue 3, Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Studies. STEPS is the technical publication of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies that presents articles to introduce bold and innovative thoughts in technology development, and discusses policy implications and directions.

The February 2016 Issue of STEPS addresses historical and future policy issues. Potomac Institute Board of Regents member Gerry Yonas discusses the Reykjavik summit and the failure of the principals to achieve an agreement on nuclear disarmament, from his vantage point as a former chief scientist of the “Star Wars” project. Jim Richardson’s article makes the case for an Office of Science Policy to clean up the mess of R&D policy-making. In an article by the Microelectronics team at the Potomac Institute, Michael Fritze heralds the demise of Moore’s Law and considers the future. The issue includes viewpoint articles and news items.

This issue, and future issues of STEPS, include discussions of policies that either promote or impede S&T research; articles that address implications and/or consequences of S&T advances on national or international policies and governance; articles that introduce or review topics in science, technology, or engineering, including considerations of potential societal impacts and influences; and non-partisan opinion pieces concerning policies relevant to S&T. These include S&T research trends, S&T policy event highlights, editorials, book reviews, and similar contributions.

We encourage you to read this issue of STEPS—Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Studies, and encourage you to contribute articles for consideration. Download the pdf here. Alternatively, visit our website —

Highlights from this Edition


It's Laboratory or Goodbye by Gerold Yonas, PhD and Jill Gibson
Rationalizing the National S&T Policy Mess by James Richardson, PhD
The Death of Moore's Law by Mike Fritze, PhD; Patrick Cheetham; Jennifer Lato; and Paul Syers, PhD

Views in Brief

Global Extinction or a Space-Industrial Complex by Kevin Hertzler and Rebecca McCauley Rench, PhD
Book Review - Wayward Pines: Where Paradise is Home by Rebecca McCauley Rench, PhD


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