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Download PDF VersionThe Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce publication of the July 2016, STEPS Issue 4, Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Studies. STEPS is the technical publication of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies that presents articles to introduce bold and innovative thoughts in technology development, and discusses policy implications and directions.

The July 2016 Issue of STEPS addresses the idea of taking science and technology from the academic and commercial environments, and applying them to government needs. Robert Hummel and Kathryn Schiller Wurster, discuss strategies that DIUx might take to foster innovation in DoD. Brian Barnett and Jennifer Buss present findings and recommendations concerning the DoD commercial technology acquisition. James Giordano and Rachel Wurzman discuss the concept of NEURINT. Authors continue to express opinions on timely topics of science and technology policy in Viewpoints.

This issue, and future issues of STEPS include, but are not limited to: discussions of policies that either promote or impede S&T research; articles that address implications and/or consequences of S&T advances on national or international policies and governance; articles that introduce or review a topics in science, technology, or engineering, including considerations of potential societal impacts and influences; and non-partisan opinion pieces concerning policies relevant to S&T, to include S&T research trends; S&T policy event highlights; editorials; book reviews; and similar contributions.

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Highlights from this Edition


Department of Defense's Innovation Experiment
by Robert Hummel, PhD and Kathryn Schiller Wurster

Department of Defense Commercial Technology Acquisition : A Survey
by Brian Barnett and Jennifer Buss, PhD

Integrative Computational and Neurocognitive Science and Technology for Intelligence Operations: Horizons of Potential Viability, Value and Opportunity
by James Giordano, PhD and Rachel Wurzman, PhD

Views in Brief

Reimagining the American Dream
by Charles Mueller, PhD

Organizing Chaos: A Unified Vision for S&T
by Charles Mueller, PhD, Rebecca McCauley Rench, PhD and Paul Syers, PhD

Regulatory Failure in Flint Michigan
by Carly Brody

STEPS is the technical publication of the Potomac Institute, where scholarly articles of broad interest are published for the policy studies communities. If you are interested in publishing in STEPS or if you wish to discuss a topic before completing an article please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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