Radm John E. (Ted) Gordon, JAGC, USN ret. was the Senior Vice President Washington Operations for Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) from 2001 to April 2007. Prior to that he worked for Litton Industries serving as Vice President for Washington Operations. In both positions he was responsible for all company interface with Congress, the Federal Government, and all other customers in the Washington area.

Rear Admiral Gordon retired from the US Navy after having served in several senior positions. He was the Judge Advocate General of the Navy from 1990 to 1992. He had previously served as the Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy and as the Commander of the Navy Legal Services Command. From 1987 to 1989, Radm Gordon was the Commander of the Naval Security Investigative Command, where he served simultaneously as the Director of the Naval Investigative Service and as the Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence for Counterintelligence. During these assignments Radm Gordon supervised much of the conduct of the largest Government criminal procurement investigation, Ill Wind, and the investigation into the Marine Corps Security Guard involvement in allowing Soviet agents access to the US Embassy in Moscow. Both investigations resulted in substantial criminal convictions. From 1986 to 1987, Radm Gordon was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs) for Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger.

Prior to being promoted to flag rank, Radm Gordon seved as the Deputy Navy Chief of Legislative Affairs (Senate) and for over four years as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy (John F. Lehman) for Legal and Legislative Affairs. He also served in several military justice positions such as Deputy Officer in Charge of the Philadelphia Navy Legal Service Office and as Special Court Martial Judge.

Radm Gordon entered the navy up graduation from the U S Naval Academy in 1964. His early assignments included tours aboard two combatant ships (including service in the Vietnam War) and as the contracting officer for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. He recieved his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University School of Law in 1973.

Radm Gordon has served as the Judge Advocate for the Navy League, Judge Advocate for the Naval Order and Judge Advocate for the Naval Academy Foundation. He is currently a Trustee and Judge Advocate for the Naval Academy Foundation (Athletic and Scholarship Division).