China: What's Up With That? An Overview





Next Course Date: June 14,15, 2023 

Location: Potomac Institute Ballston Headquarters (Arlington, VA)

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The world is changing, and the rise of China is at the center of these changes.  China’s rise is tied to its goal of being a global power. To achieve this objective China is making advances in military, technological, economic, and global power projection.  This executive course will address US perspective or China’s perspective of themselves, current and future aspects across these areas that impact US and Chinese ability to compete effectively over time. 

In this two-day course, faculty will guide participants through China’s short and long-term power projection goals in economics, technological innovation, military strength, and foreign relations – outlined in the session descriptions below. 

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies invites early to mid-career professionals with an interest in understanding key elements of great power competition as it relates to China and their rise as a global and military power. This course is perfect for industry, government, and academic professionals alike with a shared goal of understanding the intersection of policy, science, and technology and its impact on U.S. ability to compete in the face of rising global competition. 

Session Descriptions


Introduction to China: What’s Up with That? 

This session will introduce the broad course topic and provide an overview of China to include historical perspective and some of the current challenges we face with China. 

Speaker – Dr. Dean Cheng 


China’s Military: National Security and the Vision of Military Power 

This course will consider Chinese military modernization over the last 20 years.  We will discuss the Chinese military and what it will look like over the next 10 years.

Speaker – Dr. Phillip Saunders 


China’s Economy 

In this session, we will consider the Chinese economy pre and post Covid.  How has the pandemic affected or enhanced the Chinese economy?  We will explore the economic challenges and opportunities that were present pre-covid and see where they currently are and what this means for the future. 

Speaker – Dr. Derek Scissors 


China’s Future Power: A Contrarian View.

In this session, we will consider cultural aspects in a discussion of how China’s challenges are far greater than commonly acknowledged.  In an effort to avoid groupthink, this session will make the case that Chinese economic influence and military power have begun to decline.  Unfortunately, it is precisely at this point in a society’s development when military leaders hold the most sway and dictators are at their most dangerous.

Speaker – Dr. Patrick Ennis 

Innovation: The Future of Technology and China’s Role

Beyond CHIPS and critical minerals, this session will provide insight on Chinese innovation, advanced material, energy storage 5G, 6G, space and consider potential challenges that may be present in the coming years. 

Speaker – Dr. Alexi Drew 


Chinese Foreign Relations

This session will focus on China’s approach to global power projection to include Russia and Ukraine as well as how they have postured economic and military facilities in key areas around the globe including, Africa, Europe, across the Indo-Pacific and even the United States. What does this posture mean for great power competition and the potential to escalate tensions based on this posture?

Speaker – Mr. Robert Daly