Center for Health Policy & Preparedness (CHPP)


The foundations of national security that served for over a century no longer meet the dynamic world environment. Asymmetrical threats, non-state actors, revolutions in technology, and emerging diseases demand innovative approaches and solutions. Health policies and technologies are universally impactful; national security relies on the ability to identify and counter the next unknown. CHPP exists to promote those solutions. Simply stated: Preparedness is a best practice.


  • Medical surge capacity and policies.

  • Joint governmental training and response to health crises.

  • Interdisciplinary training in health preparedness and resiliency.

  • Medical Intelligence (Domestic and International)

  • Advocacy of policy on under-addressed conditions and disparate outcomes in primary care, disaster response, and humanitarian assistance operations.

  • Promotion of health safety equity for incarcerated and disenfranchised populations.

  • Resiliency for special needs populations.

  • Waterways as a domestic response asset.

  • Development and promotion of graduate certificate and degree programs in Advanced Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Operational Medicine.


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