February 2020 Science and Technology Policy Training Program

Due to rapidly escalating health concerns related to the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), we are cancelling all events hosted by Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, beginning March 16th until further notice.

Please continue to check our website for future Science and Technology Training Programs.

We appreciate your patience and consideration during this unprecedented time.

What will the next 20 or 30 years bring?
From Operations Research to Space – A New Educational Initiative

The Institute is excited to announce a new educational program initiative. The Institute’s driving philosophy is that policy should be based on science and evidence, and that government investment in S&T is critical to the nation.

We engage and educate professionals interested in skills and training tools, occupational advancement, and career development. Starting in February 2020, the Institute will offer 1-3 day courses on scientific, technical, managerial, and policy issues in the areas of defense, national security, and intelligence. Through our Science and Technology Policy Training Program we will share our expertise in the following areas:

  • Science and technology trends and impacts
  • Agency or office director level strategic planning
  • Research strategy design and implementation planning
  • Commercial technology assessment
  • Outside the box thinking and bold solutions to difficult challenges
  • Emerging threats and opportunities analysis

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies continues to develop meaningful policy and support its implementation at the intersection of business and government. We are working hard to build a strong future as the Institute serves the nation on critical S&T Policy issues. Please read more about a sample of our anticipated courses below.

Operations Research, 25-26 Feb

Dwight Lyons, an operations research practitioner since 1984, will offer a series of analysis classes. Operations research impacts how analysts understand data and thereby their recommendations to policymakers. The purpose of these classes is to introduce those who may be interested in becoming operations research practitioners to the origins and techniques as well as introduce operations research “consumers” – government policy and military decision makers, and business executives – to the methods and approaches their operations research support would apply. Included in this course are classes on the history of operational analysis, analysis planning, data collection, analysis reporting, statistics, surveys and structured interview.

Space – Today’s Frontier, 25 Mar

Dr. Jerry Krassner will instruct a course on “Space – Today’s Frontier.” Dr. Krassner has over 35 years of experience in aerospace R&D and served as the Chief Scientist in several offices within OSD and DIA. His course will provide a broad, introductory overview of space infrastructure, the role of space in today’s society, and the threats to that role. In addition, discussions will cover topics like how the use of the space domain is organized in the U.S. and international arenas, including treaties, regulations, and organizations. The course will examine trends in space activity as well as views on future directions of space utilization.

Our Science and Technology Training Program is geared toward early to mid-career professionals in the military, government, business, and non-profit fields.

Additional course information and instructions may be found here.

For further information, please contact Sabrina Worcester at
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