Francesca Spidalieri

Francesca Spidalieri

FrancescaProfileS Francesca Spidalieri is the co-principal investigator on the Cyber Readiness Index Project at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. She also serves as the Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership at the Pell Center, at Salve Regina University, as a Distinguished Fellow at the Ponemon Institute, and as 2017 Transatlantic Digital Debates Fellow at New America and at the Global Public Policy Institute. Her academic research and publications focus on cyber leadership development, cyber risk management, cyber education, and cyber security workforce develop-ment. In 2015, she published a report, entitled State of the States on Cybersecurity, that applies the Cyber Readiness Index 1.0 at the US state level. All her additional studies and academic articles can be found at the following link:


"State of the States on Cyber Security,"

"One Leader at a Time: The Failure to Educate Future Leaders for an Age of Persistent Cyber Threat,"

"Joint Professional Military Education Institutions in an Age of Cyber Threat,"

Professionalization of Cybersecurity: A Path to Universal Standards and Status,”