Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America

By Yonah Alexander

To date, no definitive study has dealt specifically with the role of American citizens in supporting foreign political, ideological, or extremist religious agendas.  Dr. Yonah Alexander's forthcoming book, Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America, remedies that.  In the book, seven expert authors discuss the threats to American security interests in the United States and elsewhere.

Terrorists in Our Midst focuses not only on foreign nationals operating in the United States, but also on American citizens participating in terror networks at home and abroad. The book presents an overview of both conventional and unconventional terrorism, surveys the terrorist threat in the United States by state and non-state actors, and analyzes the foreign-affinity links of American operatives in this country and abroad. Most important for the safety and security of the United States, it offers an assessment of what policies worked and what did not work, specifying a “best practices” agenda of recommendations that should be adopted by the United States and the international community. Also included are case studies and a discussion of various U.S. policies, including intelligence, law enforcement, border security, and civil liberties.

Yonah Alexander is Professor Emeritus of State University of New York and a former research Professor and Director of Terrorism Studies at George Washington University. Currently he is Director of the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, a consortia of universities and think tanks throughout the world. He is also a senior fellow and director of the International Center for Terrorism Studies (at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies) and is a co-director of the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies (at the International Law Institute). Dr. Alexander has published 95 books as well as founded and edited three International Journals: Terrorism; Minority and Group Rights; and Political Communication and Persuasion.
His co-contributors to Terrorists in Our Midst are Prof. Raymond Tanter (Michigan); Prof. William Lewis (GWU); Prof. Edgar H. Brenner (ILI); Bruce Zagaris, Esq.; Martin Sieff (UPI); and Oliver “Buck” Revell (former FBI).
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