Board of Regents

Dr. Jerry Krassner

JKrassnerDr. Jerry Krassner has over 35 years of experience in aerospace R&D. His technical specialties include sensor systems, phenomenology, and MASINT techniques for national security applications.

Dr. Krassner has served as the Chief Scientist in several offices within OSD and DIA. His general responsibilities have included identification and assessment of new concepts and technologies to address outstanding intelligence and defense mission needs, evaluation of contractor technical performance, and programmatic definition and execution. He has provided primary technical interface to mission partners on a variety of nationally important programs.

Dr. Krassner is co-founder and former National Chairman of the MASINT (now ATIA) Association, has been a member of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board, a member of several NATO panels, and an advisor to DARPA. He is known for organizing an annual community-wide workshop on the use of small telescopes for SSA missions. Dr. Krassner has provided consulting services to a number of businesses, and taught a successful continuing education course on spacecraft design.