2022 Annual Report

ar 2022480x565The Potomac Institute (the “Institute”) has never had an identity crisis, at least not in terms of our basic mission. That mission has always centered around four factors: national security, science and technology (S&T), US industry, and government policy. The Institute’s goal has always been to find ways to create or improve government policy with business best practices to address the nation’s hardest challenges.

The work we do for our customers is a direct reflection of our priority to research and recommend science and technology policies. Our Focus Areas and the areas where they overlap allow us to integrate themes and incorporate data across our portfolios. We find the most success when we elevate the discussion and provide big ideas to address the complexity of national security.

In 2022, we added two economists, an education program director, several strategic communications and policy experts, and eleven new Board of Regents and Senior Fellows (see next page for full list). We continue to diversify our staff and affiliate expertise to support our growing client base and add new dimensions to research and recommendations.

We are lifetime learners, each at the Institute to grow our minds and develop big ideas to change the world. Our researchers and analysts are continuously identifying new ways to understand the future tech- nical landscape and political environment. We value knowledge and teaching, as seen in our academic studies, our education programs, and our publications.

In this report, we highlight several key accomplishments and work from last year. This work led us to iden- tify important areas of impact that our staff is uniquely qualified to study and produce high quality publi- cations to impact the ongoing S&T policy dialogue. We couldn’t do it without our incredibly supportive client base, talented staff, Board of Regents, and Senior Fellows.

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